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5 Fun Non-Gambling Things to Do in Las Vegas

id="mod_44439278">Las Vegas has moved far away from its beginning as verdant oasis in the middle of the desert. Las Vegas which literally translates to 'the meadows' was named by Spanish explorers in 1829 to reflect the fertile green meadows and happy streams that flowed from underground springs to create a fertile green oasis in Nevada's Mojave Desert.

Today, the name Las Vegas elicits more risqué images than its translation suggests. The springs that gurgled through Las Vegas have long been depleted by the population boom that came following a brand of entertainment that has earned the city the moniker ‘city of sin'. Instead of wholesome, verdant images Las Vegas is now synonymous with gambling, strip clubs, prostitution and Elvis style weddings done on a drunken whim. Out of all these activities, gambling is the one that many people associate the city with. After all, the city's other moniker is ‘gambling capital of the world'. There are however, SM카지노추천 other, shall we say, more wholesome things to do in Las Vegas that have nothing to do with gambling. Here are 5 of the best non-gambling things to do in Las Vegas for visitors who would prefer to keep their money away from the gambling machines and in their poc


Although it's known as the gambling capital of the world, there are actually several great non gambling things to do in Las Vegas | Source 1. Horseback Ride Cowboy Style Through Red Rock C

If you've ever had dreams of making like a cowboy and reliving the wild frontier days depicted in western movies and novels, Las Vegas is just the place to make them come true. Leave the lights and money grabbing slot machines of the city behind and join a truly unique cowboy trip through the stunning Red Rock Ca


Red Rock Canyon lies just 20 miles away from the Las Vegas Strip and is stunning because of its drastic natural formations.The bright red cliffs formed from red sandstone, stands beside yellow and brown rocky mountains thousands of feet high and provide shade to cactus, yucca and other bristled desert pl


Climb up the rocky trails on horseback with real horse wranglers who provide guidance to novice and experienced riders. Before you get to the very top where the payoff will be breathtaking views of the city and the mountains, stop and camp out for lunch in the wild just like real cowboys did in the days when week long rides were the norm. The only thing missing will be invading Indians or outlaw cowboys! Check out cowboytrailrides.com for good pack


If long hours on a horse isn't your thing, the Red Rock Canyon is a popular hiking spot so well marked trails, maps and other activities are available. Particularly interesting is the historic Petroglyph Wall hike with its 800 hundred years old carvings on the rock. Plan a trip at redrockcanyon


2. Marvel at Criminal Masterminds at Mob M

Tied as the mob is to the birth of Las Vegas' gambling industry, SM카지노추천 - http://www.angelihospicevco.com/index.php?option=com_phocaguestbook&id=1 it may seem disingenuous to include this museum on a list of non-gambling things to do in Las Vegas. However, the mob is so inextricably tied to Las Vegas' history that even if just for historical reasons this museum deserves

It could easily be argued that the mob helped create Las Vegas by using illegal gains to front the legitimate businesses and resorts that would lay the foundation for the Las Vegas of today. The Mob Museum makes this argument and makes it well in its interactive displays that will entertain and teach those who are interested in this part of American

For the history buff, the movie buff and the curious, the museum is a treasure trove on all things mob. Fans of infamous mob figures will enjoy the displays of information on men whose names were once whispered with fear. Al Capone, Lucky Luciano and Frank Costello are just a few of those featured. In addition to major mafia players, some major events in mob history are explained and exhibited in a way that will excite fans of the mafia period of American history. Notable is Chicago's 1929 Valentine's Day Massacre. On that bloody day seven men were lined up in front of a wall in Chicago and assassinated a result of war between rival mob families in Chicago. The wall where the assassinations took place and even some of the bullets from the day are all on

Other displays include original paraphernalia from famous mob movies and shows like The Godfather and The Sopranos. The mob Museum is located right in the middle of all the action in downtown Las Vegas, get information on tickets and opening hours at themobmu

3. Cool Down at Bould

"A beach in the


Boulder Beach is really part of Las Vegas' largest man-made lake called Lake Mead. A small section of the lake has been outfitted with sand to give the beach experience. Regardless of the technicalities, Boulder Beach is an excellent way to cool off on one of Las Vegas' hot days. The actual sandy part of the beach is narrow, but the water is cool and inviting for swimming or just splashing around with the kids. The whole area is a peaceful respite from the busy strip and good for spending a few hours just sitting by the water getting a tan and watching seagulls and boats go by. Make it a whole day affair, and pack a lunch which you can later eat at the picn

Boulder Beach is located in the Lake Mead Recreational Area, about 30 minutes from the Las Vegas strip. Plan a trip at

How to Get to Non Gambling Activities in L

"lat":36.266345999999999,"lng":-114.992722,"zoom":9,"mapType":"ROADMAP","markers":["id":89355,"lat":"36.151917","lng":"-115.454124","name":"Red Rock Canyon","address":"Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, State Highway 159, Las Vegas, NV 89161, USA","description":"Red Rock Canyon","id":89356,"lat":"36.172813","lng":"-115.141243","name":"Mob Museum","address":"300 Stewart Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101, USA","description":"The Mob Museum","id":89357,"lat":"36.135525","lng":"-115.179787","name":"Dig This Las Vegas","address":"3012 S Rancho Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89102, USA","description":"Dig This","id":89358,"lat":"36.046551","lng":"-114.796219","name":"Boulder Beach","address":"Boulder City, NV 89005, USA","description":"Lake Mead-Boulder Beach","id":89359,"lat":"36.485523","lng":"-114.531311","name":"Valley of Fire","address":"Valley of Fire State Park, 29450 Valley of Fire Hwy, Overton, NV 89040, United States","description":"Valley of Fire State Park"],"moduleId":"44458915"ARed Rock Canyon: Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, State Highway 159, Las Vegas, NV 89161, USAget di

Red Roc

BMob Museum: 300 Stewart Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101, USAget di

The Mo

CDig This Las Vegas: 3012 S Rancho Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89102, SM카지노 USAget





DBoulder Beach: Boulder City, NV 89005, USAget



Lake Mead-Bo



EValley of Fire: Valley of Fire State Park, 29450 Valley of Fire Hwy, Overton, NV 89040, United Statesget



Valley of Fire



4. Hike Ancient Trails at Valley of Fire

The Valley of Fire State Park is a bit further away from the heart of Las Vegas than the other places on this list, but is one of those places that every visitor must visit at least once. Like Red Rock Canyon, the 40,000 acres of land that make up the park consists of fiery red mountains made of red sandstone. The name Fire State Park is said to have been influenced by a passerby who noted that the area seemed like it was on fire because of the red rock. Apart from the stunning views of fiery red mountains, the park is filled with birds, rare wildlife like the desert tortoise, artifacts and historic carvings from ancient civ



By far, the best way to see these sights is by hiking one of the ancient trails (the park dates from the Jurassic period) which are marked and documented by maps found throughout the park and at the visi



5. Operate a Real Bulldozer

Dig This Las Vegas is probably one of the coolest non gambling activities in Las Vegas. The concept behind Dig It is unadulterated childhood fun and will appeal to all the grown-up kids who dreamed of wearing a hard hat and operating an excavator or bulldozer a



Wreck, dig, stack and do whatever else you desire on a real excavator or bulldozer. The journey begins with your choice of vehicle, then it's on to get fitted into a real hard hat and neon yellow jacket. After that, instructors give lessons on how to operate the levers and buttons that make your vehicle sing. Once you feel safe operating the gigantic machines, its time for the fun to begin under the watchful guidance of you



Some of the things the machines can do, with your help is stack tires, dig huge trenches, build mounds and more. For more information, visit digth



This list of fun non-gambling things to do in Las Vegas is proof that what happens in Vegas doesn't have to stay in Vegas. If you plan on visiting the city, try a few of them. Your pockets may just thank you. Hap



Las VegasHow to Visit Las Vegas, for the Person Who Doe

by Reg




Las VegasThe Hawaiian Population Living I





Las VegasLas Vegas: Pros and Cons of Living in the Entertainm

by Gary




Las VegasMy Vacation to Las Vegas and The Grand





Las VegasThe Atomic Testing Museum In Las Vegas ~ Not Far From





Las VegasLas Vegas Graffiti in the A





Las VegasFree Things To Do On The Strip In Las Vegas And Shhhh... A Secret





Las VegasTips to Protect Yourself Against Las Vegas Cas





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Tokyo Olympics consulting firm paid $370,000 to IOC official&apos;s son:...

Papa Massata Diack received some $370,000 from a consulting firm hired by Tokyo's Olympic bid committee, Japan's Kyodo news agency reported

A consulting firm hired by Tokyo's Olympic bid committee paid some $370,000 to the son of an International Olympic Committee member before and after Japan was picked to host the Games, reports said Monday.

The claims come as French authorities probe an alleged vote-buying scandal, centring around $2 million paid by the Tokyo bid committee to Black Tidings, a Singapore-based firm linked to Senegalese national Papa Massata Diack.

Diack is the son of the former head of the International Association of Athletics Federations, (IAAF) -- now renamed World Athletics -- Lamine Diack.

Lamine Diack was also a member of the IOC and said to have influence over African votes at the time of the Tokyo bid in September 2013 to host the 2020 Games, Japan's Kyodo News said.

According to Kyodo, the now-defunct Black Tidings had transferred more than $150,000 to the personal account of Papa Massata Diack and wired $217,000 to a company run by him by January 2014.

The findings, based on financial documents and reporting by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, including Kyodo, may shed light on allegations that the Tokyo bid committee engaged - https://www.herfeed.com/?s=committee%20engaged in vote-buying, the news agency said.

In an interview with Kyodo, Papa Massata denied the allegations, saying the money he received was related to a "sponsorship deal made in China. There is nothing to do with the Tokyo Olympics."

Tsunekazu Takeda, former head of the Tokyo bid committee, has also denied any wrongdoing.

Last year Takeda stepped down from the head of Japan's Olympic Committee following the French investigation.

Last week Lamine Diack -- who led the IAAF for 16 years -- was found guilty by a French court of corruption in covering up Russian doping cases and sentenced to four years in prison, two of which were suspended.

The Tokyo Olympics and satta king - https://satta-up.com Paralympics were postponed for one year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

How to Burn Gamecube Games - No Mod Chip Required

If you're a big fan of the Gamecube, I'm sure you've spent a good

amount of money on buying new games to play for it.

Not only that, but

since all the newer systems - http://pixabay.com/en/new-zealand-waterfall-nature-systems/ have been released, it's a lot harder to

find Gamecube games in the stores. If you do find a store that carries

them, they probably don't have that big of a selection. If you just

knew - ,

this wouldn't be a problem at all and you could have all the games you

want. In this article, you will learn exactly how to burn Gamecube

games and see just how easy it really is.

When it comes to copying Gamecube games or any video games for that

matter, there are two ways you can go about it. You can either install

a mod chip in your system, or you can get a special game copying

software that breaks through the protection on game discs that the

companies put on there to prevent you from making copies.

I prefer to use the special program because it's much easier to do

and won't void the warranty on your Gamecube. Mod chips are becoming a

thing of the past since these new programs have started being released.

Nowadays, you don't need to be a technical genius - http://www.superghostblogger.com/?s=technical%20genius to figure out how to

burn Gamecube games. Just insert your game, run the program, and you're


So where do you get one of these game copying programs?

You probably won't be able to find them in the stores yet. However,

there are several websites out there where you can find a good program

to copy your games. You want to be careful with the ones that are

advertised as free because these are known to put malware and viruses

on your computer when you try to install them. On the other hand, you

don't want to buy one that's too expensive because that kills the point

of saving money on your Gamecube games. Also, the expensive programs do

nothing different than the cheaper ones.

If you know where to find them, you can download your own game

copying software for less than $30. Think about it, that's almost half

the price of a brand new video game. And satta king up - https://satta-up.com once you know how to burn

Gamecube games, this will pay for itself in no time at all.

A few things to look for when choosing a game copying program:

1. Make sure it can make copies of video games for any console.

Chances are, you own other consoles or will want to burn other games at

some point in the future. Instead of going out and buying a new program

for each system, there are some really great ones that work for all


2. Check to see that it makes perfect 1:1 copies. What this means is

that when you burn the Gamecube game - , the replicated copy will play

with the exact same quality as the original.

3. Should be easy to use. Some programs make things a little too

complicated for the average user. Not all of us are good with computers

or very technical when it comes to this sort of stuff. A good program

will allow you to insert the game you wish to burn and follow a few

instructions on the screen to get it copied.

4. It should be compatible with all versions of Windows.

Things You Should Know About ABCya 55 Games

Progressive Seo In 2010

Search engine optimization can be quite frustrating. Fluctuating performance, shifting algorithms, and varied industry perspectives make it difficult sometimes to isolate guidelines. To win at SEO, a company must properly execute things for which it controls, in parallel with conducting external processes that build authority status in a unique market niche.

This paper discusses three SEO tactics which you have likely not heard of or embraced in your organic search marketing efforts. These tactics are what are the SEO industry calls "white hat" (i.e. OK with Google) and are completely in your own control and development. These simplistic but powerful tactics connect marketing and technology together so that you can raise your overall SEO penetration.

Tactic #1: Re-engineer your existing backlink profile

As you likely know, link-building is a paramount aspect with the SEO equation. Industry speakers, albeit being unsure of for sure, have stated that linking represents approximately 70 from time to time.

By contacting these website owners or webmasters and requesting an alteration for the anchor-text by target phrases, the business may make great strides in ranking for your non-branded phrases that the competitors covet.

For example, you need to turn one of the links which had the anchortext of Trinity Insight to eCommerce consulting by Trinity Insight. Doing so, gives additional cues to Google for which your website is information on and gives positive impact to the algorithm.

Simply talk to each site operator via email and offer some type of incentive to make the progres. A $25.00 donation to some favorite charity is generally enough to convince someone to generate the change, particularly when it is really a site that operates on a website cms.

Tactic #2: Bring external links through the dead

If your company and/or website has existed for over several years, chances are that the URL and/or systems have changed. A website re-design or perhaps a new platform integration could possibly have caused URL strings to change or pages being inactive.

Now what happens to incoming links from external sources that could indicat these pages? These links typically render a 404 error with a web user and still have no SEO benefit because the page is essentially dead.

This does not have to become case however and your business can re-ignite the SEO reap the benefits of incoming links that could indicat these dead pages.

Finding these links is easy and making the technical change so the pagerank is not wasted is often a fairly simple method that will require some legwork from a technical perspective but pay dividends.

The first step is to find out which sites are linking for your requirements and ABCya 55 Games - http://www.abcya55.icu/ receiving a 404 error and what pages are they linking to. Fortunately, our friends at Google make mtss is a a breeze thing to learn. To isolate this data, you first need to enroll in Webmaster Tools - Google's search engine management interface.

Webmaster Tools allows an internet site owner to have valuable info on many aspects of the website outside of 404 errors so we at Trinity Insight sometimes compare it to looking beneath the hood of an car.

Within Webmaster Tools, simply navigate for the section for which you can isolate "crawl errors". From there you will be able to determine the incoming domains which can be linking for you and receiving the dreaded 404 error. Export this report to Excel and spend time taking a look at the landing pages which were related to but that no longer exist.

After getting a clear notion of the page content of such links, then associate a current page through the domain that would are designed to provide content to a potential visitor that arrived through that link.

For instance, if a link came to and the page don't exists - attempt to send the consumer to because the content is related.

After the correlation exercises are completed, then you definately want to leverage what is known as 301 redirects to recapture the url value around the pages you selected upon. A 301 redirect essentially is a rule on your server that PERMANENTLY takes a user (and search engine) to some new page that you simply specify when visiting another page. This technical work occurs within your .htaccess file and documentation to do so is well aquired online. Re-directing from your dead page towards the active page saves your pagerank and offers your key pages with added value.

By executing this technique, your entire selected pages will be receiving incremental "link juice" from old and respected web properties. This can be a easy way to kickstart a stagnant or dormant link development program.

Tactic #3: Use Widgets to optimize SEO benefits

In the past decades, widgets have gained great popularity. More and more of the user focused tools take hold into blogs and popular websites as ways to further engage users.

Progressive search results optimizers see the viral marketing power of widgets and leverage them in a manner to operate a vehicle backlinks.

First question you have to ask is "what sort of widget could I create that will be valuable to some user"? The answer to this question depends for the unique marketplace you work with plus the data/information that can be exported inside an API towards the widget once it's hosted on a partner/publisher site.

Say as an example you enter the mortgage sector. You have a wealth of data associated with rates, states, loan programs, and trends. This information must be formulated in a manner that it could be exported to some widget along with a user can leverage the information.

In this situation, the example widget would allow an individual to test rates and closing - http://www.caringbridge.org/search?q=closing costs for a number of rate programs, in a various states. The key is how the data and data that is certainly rendered takes place inside widget - not on your own webpages. By using feed technology to power the widget, prospective web publishers is going to be greatly predisposed to embrace the concept and populate it of their code. But how can this impact SEO?

Simply put, from the widget code that will be utilized by the publishing partners, your organization would integrate text plus a standard html link which will point to a target page on the domain. The link just tells the user the creator of the widget and most web publishers see no issue using this.

An example is: "Widget manufactured by: Horizon Mortgage Providers of home loans"

By leveraging these three tactics your company can start driving improved SEO results. Remember that SEO is really a marathon and never a sprint and how the "cream always rises for the top".

Focus on building your web site with exceptional content, a great user experience, and be proactive within online communities that correlate to your company. Be sure to contain the buy-in from executives, especially from from the IT arena. By following these suggestions, your business may be dramatically improve SEO performance and become on the fast track to online development in the next 2-4 months.

No One Turned Down Loans- Quick Monetary Solution

Everyone faces some short term financial troubles time to time. These are usual to all and bound to appear anytime, anywhere in the month. These crunches could be anything like paying off your utility bills, medical bills, school fees, house rent, car repair, library fees, tour and travels etc. In order to meet all these complications, no one turned down loans are a unique way for 우리카지노 you. The best thing about these loans is that these are instantly approved and provided to the lender on due time without any delay. All this is possible just because of fewer formalities. That's why; mostly borrowers take up these finances when they are in hot wate

To start with, these funds are short term as the name signifies and offered only for a small duration. The amount of the loan ranges from R500 to R150000 that is to be repaid within two weeks to one month. The loan is sanctioned clearly on the basis of borrower's repayment ability and 우리카지노계열 - http://tesztfelulet.hu/_nightport/index.php present monthly income. The interest rates are slightly high in these funds due to unsecured nature of the loan. A borrower is free from collateral presentation which open doors for tenants and non-homeowners. Moreover, all type of borrowers can apply and qualify these cash schemes. As there is no credit check required, these funds are a promising option for those people, whose credit is full with arrears, late payments, bankruptcy, defaults, insolvency and 우리카지노



Further, these easy finances can be applied both offline and online as per your convenience. But, online mode is much preferred by customers because it is fast, simple and cost effective for borrowers. Also, it saves consumer's precious time and energy because unnecessary formalities are not involved in these cash plans. You just have to fill an online loan application which consumes only few minutes. After that, there is authentication process and the loan amount is delivered to the customers with



Though, these funds are easy to avail yet, some conditions are there to qualify these loans. In order to obtain these plans, you must be the resident of South Africa you must have an age of 18 years and you should have a valid bank account that must be running for the last six months. And last, you must have a good job, earning R5000 per month at least. Having all these eligibilities mean approval



What is more, there is no irritating faxing or sending the documents from one place to another. Also, because of online mode, there is no need to stand in long queues for hours. You can claim these funds by sitting in your home or office. All these benefits are for the convenience of the borrowers. To cut it short, 100 Pound 12 Month Loans is formulated to give more and 우리카지노 more benefits and flexibility to the customers. The major attraction of these loans is their i



Leena Legants is professional writer at 100 pound 12 month loans. She recently write article on no one turned down loans which is a part of no refusal loans.

Coronavirus explained: 15th US case confirmed after MWC cancelled

id="article-body" class="row" section="article-body"> Robert Rodriguez/CNET Chinese health authorities continue to battle an outbreak of a pneumonia-like illness, first detected in the central city of Wuhan in December. The disease is caused by a novel coronavirus, officially known as SARS-CoV-2, which has now infected over 60,000 people and claimed more than 1,350 lives. On Thursday, the CDC confirmed a 15th case in the US under quarantine at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland in Texas.

The illness was first reported to the World Health Organization on New Year's Eve and in the intervening weeks was linked to a family of viruses known as coronaviruses, the same family responsible for the diseases SARS and MERS, as well as some cases of the common cold. On Feb. 11, the WHO and other organizations agreed on the name COVID-19 for the illness.

On Feb. 12, Chinese health authorities reported a jump in the amount of cases and 우리카지노 deaths in Hubei, the epicenter of the outbreak. Over 13,300 new cases were recorded in Hubei alone, an increase of 700% over the previous day. Chinese authorities had adopted a new clinical method for confirming cases Wednesday, 우리카지노계열 which sees them add "clinically diagnosed cases" to the count, 카지노사이트 which could help patients receive treatment sooner, accordi



A special WHO committee declared a public health emergency of international concern on Jan. 30, citing "the potential for the virus to spread to countries with weaker health systems." Human-to-human transmission has been confirmed outside China, including in the US, and authorities around the world have limited travel and enforced quarantines to guard against t



Barcelona's Mobile World Congress, the world's largest phone trade show, took the unprecedented step of cancelling the entire show which routinely attracts 100,000 visitors from across the world. A number of companies, including LG, Amazon, Sony and Nvidia, had previously stated they wouldn't be attending this year's show, citing coronavir



Coronavirus outbreak: The



Coronavirus panic Thrives on Twitter and science struggle



Coronavirus: How the spread of disease is affectin



Apple could see some impact from coronavirus in Chin

The situation continues to evolve as more information becomes available. We've collated everything we know about the novel virus, what's next for researchers and some of the steps you can take to reduc




What is a



Where did the viru



How many confirmed cases have be



How many deaths have be



How do we know it's a new



How does the coronav



How infectious is



What are the symptoms of the



Is there a treatment for



How to reduce your risk of

Now playing: Watch this: Deadly coronavirus detected in the US 1:41 What is a



Coronaviruses belong to a family known as Coronaviridae, and under an electron microscope they look like spiked rings. They're named for these spikes, 우리카지노계열 - http://www.bulatovskiy.ru/otzyvy-predlozheniya.html which form a halo or "crown" (corona is Latin for crown) around their v



Coronaviruses contain a single strand of RNA within the envelope and, as a virus, can't reproduce without getting inside living cells and hijacking their machinery. The spikes on the viral envelope help coronaviruses bind to cells, which gives them a way in, like blasting the door open with C4. Once inside, they turn the cell into a virus factory, using its molecular conveyor belt to produce more viruses, which are then shipped out of the cell. The virus progeny infect other cells and the cycle starts anew.

How To Earn $1,000,000 Using ABCya 55 Games

Enter Competitions in South Africa and Win

Entering competitions in South Africa are created to put that zing in your step as well as the optimism back in life. It is so simple -it is therefore quite surprising that more folks don't enter competitions with a regular regular basis. If you don't enter you can't win, if the thing is that other people near you winning competitions, including clothes, trips, cars, etc. avoid getting jealous, get even and try and ABCya 55 Games - http://www.abcya55.icu/ win stuff by yourself.Enter competitions for cars if you'd like new wheels, and when won by you a car that is expensive enough, you may even sell any particular one and get two cheaper models (two for the expense of one never hurt anyone, ever), or you will win a vacation instead of residing at home AGAIN this Christmas.Win a stay for two main at the bush lodge never hurt anyone, and winning a pleasant new kitchen or perhaps a number of appliances, a whole new phone, a brand new DVD player, a new iPad or PC is oh so nice! It gives the one which warm and fuzzy feeling that little else could quite present you with.Winning, playing and beating the hordes that will get a little nice leaves you feeling so good. So what do you think you're awaiting? Tough life, yes, though a sprinkling of fun and happiness always made one feel on top about the world.Get this dizzy feeling by entering and hoping and waiting company! You too might be on that report on winners the very next time you gaze with the winners list. There is no limit regarding how many times it is possible to enter - as well as a five minute break from the PC to enter a web based competition to the coveted prize - you will never know. You might even be next. After all you have the maximum amount of chance as winning competitions in South Africa as the next person.South Africans are fast getting more popualr that is a really positive - http://www.ourmidland.com/search/?q=positive thing. Hunting down deals is currently a collective affair, and it is simply conducted - http://www.community.covnews.com/archives/search/?searchthis=simply%20co... out of your PC or smartphone. Group buying has revolutionised the best way we shop. Look out for a giveaway that can enhance just how you reside.

Bachelor&apos;s Areeba Emmanuel reveals who will steal Locky&apos;s heart

She's currently vying for the heart of Locklan 'Locky' Gilbert.
But on Wednesday, The Bachelor's Areeba Emmanuel revealed which one of her competitors she thinks will walk away with the hunky adventure guide's heart- and it isn't fan favourite Bella Varelis.
'Where is the suspense? In all honesty, if I was making the show and Bella won, I would be like, "oh okay,"' the 25-year-old home loans officer told - .
So, you're out of the running then? On Wednesday, The Bachelor's Areeba Emmanuel revealed to The Daily Telegraph  who she thinks will steal Locky Gilbert's heart... and it's not fan favourite Bella Varelis (Locky and Bella pictured) 
'I think Irena (will win). I think Bella is too obvious, there is way too much connection already,' she added.
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Areeba went on to heap high praise on the 31-year-old nurse from Melbourne.
'Irena is a sweet girl,' she added.
'I think Irena (will win). I think Bella is too obvious, there is way too much connection already,' she said, adding Irena 'was sweet'  (Areeba pictured) 
The look of love? Irena and Locky shared incredible chemistry during the group date on Thursday night when the beauty played his girlfriend at a family lunch (both pictured) 
Irena and Locky shared incredible chemistry during the group date last week when the beauty played his girlfriend at a family lunch.
Meanwhile, https://www.dvidshub.net/search?q=www.nubobeauty.com - https://www.dvidshub.net/search?q=www.nubobeauty.com Locky's journey to find love got off to a dramatic start as he met his stunning line-up of ladies before the claws and tears commenced - and Areeba was at the center of the fray.
Tensions quickly reached boiling point as Zoe-Clare, 23, took offence to Areeba, interrupting her alone time with the hunk - and didn't hesitate in addressing the matter during a shocking showdown in front of the other ladies.
Drama: Tensions quickly reached boiling point as Zoe-Clare, 23, took offence to Areeba, 25, interrupting her alone time with the hunk (all pictured) 
'To me, it's disrespectful. If she wants to act the child, that's fine,' she told producers.
She continued:'I'm the only redhead in the whole entire house... The only colours are blonde or brunette, and then there's me. I think that's exactly why Areeba is targeting me. It's the red hair. It's just...it's not appropriate.'
'What's wrong - http://www.houzz.com/?search=%27What%27s%20wrong with a ranga? Yeah. Do you want me to dye my hair every 10 seconds because you don't like my colour? I'm so sorry, but this is natural, guys. It's not going anywhere.'
Zoe-Clare later fell ill, forcing her to skip the ceremony but Locky had a rose put aside for her. 
The Bachelor continues Thursday at 7.30pm on Channel Ten
At war: Rattled by Areeba's actions, Zoe-Clare couldn't resist giving her a piece of her mind during the cocktail party, saying: 'I just want to say what you did was really inappropriate, and it was not okay!



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